27 July 2013

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Hi guys!
I screwed up. Again... I know. When I changed my blogs URL I didn't realise that you then couldn't use the "follow via bloglovin'" anymore. This means I lost 86 followers -__-'
But it should be fixed now guys Please follow me back!! Click the link below and you should be subscribed to my blog: thefashionsucker.blogspot.com
Please please please come back to me! I miss you already...
Love yah

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22 July 2013

I changed my blog url!

Hi guys! 
The other day I changed my blog's url, not knowing that no one could then access my blog <.< Silly, stupid me... 
My new blog URL is: 

This blog (thesuckerforfashion.blogspot.dk) is now my "Test blog" where I'll be testing layouts and what not.
Please let me know if you are having some kind of trouble getting to my new blog url...! 
I DON'T WANT TO LOSE ANY OF YOU WONDERFUL PEOPLE and I'm so sorry for confusing U with this stupidity... I thought changing my blog's url would be easier.......
oh well!

Maria x

11 July 2013

This is a test, this is a test!

10 July 2013


This is a test blog :)